Gadget world has a lot to do with broken family ties. Let’s face it. Look around you at this very moment. Point to anyone who is not holding a gadget, particularly a cellular phone. I bet 90% to 100% are holding his phone, except for the ones on duty. Most heads are bowing down to his phone unmindful of his companions and surroundings. Family members are not talking anymore. Kids are too engrossed with their games. Parents are bringing their work at home. Thanks to gadgets and internet access, family bond is a rare sight.

Let us point out how to build strong family ties amid other activities. Let us accept that gadgets and work are our partners and accessories in bonding with our loved ones. Here is a checklist:

  1. As parents, try to play with your kids online. Parents may not be the best gamer but at least the kids would feel that you accept what they love and that you as parents understand why they are into online gaming. Playing online with your kids make you feel young and energetic.
  2. Don’t forget the day of obligation. When you include God into your family, everything else will follow good. The best bonding time is when we go to Church and praise Him together. Putting God in the center of your family relationship will certainly create a blissful family tie.
  3. Communication is important. Waking up in the morning early to see your children/parents leave the house will allow you to see what is missing. Kids may have problems and you can see it in their morning eyes or their mood in greeting you, or their appetite in eating breakfast. Talking to them before sleeping is also important. Ask how they did at work or in class. Offer to read them books. Send them emojis or funny videos through Facebook or other apps. Text them at a daily basis. Post some notes at the fridge door.
  4. Eat together. A family that eats together stays together. It doesn’t have to be weekly, but family members should make an effort to bring their family to the mall and treat them to dinner after. It does not have to be lavish as long as they are intact and communication is constant, it will help build bridges among the members.
  5. Always be reminded of special occasions. Be thoughtful and sweet. A simple greeting on a very special occasion or during holidays will surely make one’s day. People can be very sensitive and emotional, and missing to greet them on their birthday or a holiday will hurt their feelings.
  6. Take turns or assist in doing household chores. Doing the household chores together will surely make someone appreciate the other’s helpfulness and company.

Strong family bonding does not have to be extravagant nor frequent. Constant communication is key. Love should be uttered and felt. Apology and gratitude must be present in order to preserve respect between the members. Most especially, it is very important to follow the rules you see in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

Image by Daniel Park from Pixabay

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