When was the last time we have acknowledged and thanked people who are significant to us? We are lucky to have people who are very considerate despite our shortcomings. Today, let us count our blessings and thank these people who help run our daily lives. These individuals are the people who have shown us live and devotion

First off, I would like to thank my family for their undying love for me. They never cease to understand, help and show their concerns for me and for each member. They are always there for me especially at times when I need them most.

Thank you too for the educators, our teachers. They are so patient in teaching us and for helping us reach what we are trying to achieve. Their job is one of the most difficult tasks to do because it takes a lot of patience and tolerance.  We wouldn’t be where we are if not for our teachers. They always believe in our capacity and they also nurture us beyond expectation. Our teachers are our second parents and we most of their time are spent on us, students. Next to our parents, our teachers are responsible for teaching us moral values and life lessons. They are also responsible for the wisdom I have learned outside home. I am forever grateful to these loving individuals.

We are forever thankful and grateful to have friends who love me for what and who we are. Their genuine love for us as no limit. Our friends are there to protect us and support us especially when our family is in absentia. Friends always consider us perfect despite our flaws and they have the softest shoulders to cry on.

Our list is not complete without mentioning our employer. They always believe in our capacity and continue to train and coach us whenever we fail in our metrics. They always rely on us and put their trust on us despite the fact that we no longer believe in ourselves. Our boss understands our personal issues and concerns like financial problems and situations around house. Repeatedly, they excuse our reasons and always give us leeway.

Who can forget to thank our family physician? They bring us wonders when we are sick and tired. Their hands always bring magic to our mind and body and together with prayers, they always cure us from diseases. They continue to treat us even if they aware of our negligence in following their orders.

I would also like to acknowledge our farmers. Painstakingly, they provide us the best food in our table. Their job is nit easy considering all the factors especially the changing weather conditions and pest invasion. They face the most difficult enemies of nature and yet, they are proud to bring us the moat nutritious and delicious food.

I also would like to mention all the helpers in our household. We cannot think of other people who can be trusted. We give them access to out homes and we allow them to invade our privacy. The most important task they have been doing is to take care of the children and all-around tasks around the house. They are also our family members and they deserve an annual raise and recognition. They should be treated like our own. Thank you so much for protecting our family from danger especially when parents are out.

Thank you to all the people who have connected with us: the policemen, waitresses, cook, garbage collectors, etc. Directly or indirectly, they have lessen our burden with everyday tasks. Above all, let us always thank the Lord for giving us all the people mentioned above. His love is unconditional and undying. He is always there for us no matter our sins are. He answers our prayers all the time. He lives us, sinners, so much that He gave His only begotten Son.

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