It is always a good thing to pray for wisdom. It is wisdom that directs us to do the right thing. Our experience and knowledge will always help in having good judgment. We will have the sagacity to handle difficult situations. We can have sound decision and action in everything we do.

What will it do to the person who acts abruptly without considering the consequences of the action? Indeed, it would be a foolish thing to do. Many inventions and successes stem from learning things right. We may fail many times, but there is room for improvement and opportunities. We have to learn, unlearn, de-learn and re-learn. We will be able to grow wiser as we follow these steps. Learn from experience. Whatever mistakes we make, let us un-learn bad habit and false information. Let us also de-learn from thinking that we can no longer do things because of failure. This is when we have to re-learn and welcome new ideas and adapt new ones.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s popular phrase is “Doing the Right Thing is Always the Right Thing”. Doing things right always requires a humbling attitude, but the end result is rewarding. We don’t do things the easy way, but do things the right way, however difficult.

Making the right decisions is our legacy for ourselves, said Gary Vaynerchuk. When we are fuelled by the desire to help ourselves grow, let us think and bring others to grow with us.  Let us make a difference in the lives of people by our legacy. Our dreams can best be executed with the help of well-meaning people who share our dream.

Trust God. Nowhere in the Bible that we worry, stress over something, or figure it out. Over and over we are taught to trust God.  God has given us gifts: dreams, vision and skills, among others. When we have dreams, we are inspired to make them come true. We will construct our vision in the context of “Doing things the right way”. We use our skills to execute our plans, do them and let God do the rest. When we are worried, it is because we are trying to do everything without the help of God. God will take over where we are most helpless. It is only when we acknowledge our nothingness that God can turn us into something for his purpose and glory. When we have God in everything we think and do, miracles happen. Doing the right things leads us to greater things. Consider these quotations from an unknown source: God first; love one another; never hate; give generously; live simply; forgive quickly; and be kind always. These are the keys to life. These are the right things to do. Furthermore, as a food for thought, Socrates said: “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old , but on building the new.” The key to always do the right thing is to change for the better, the right way.

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