I believe that each one of us has our own musical interest and talent. However, as we grow older, our interest and motivation differ depending on our exposure to music.

They say children with musical talent are more passionate and emotional. Some say they are perfectionists and aloof. Nevertheless, they are talented people who see music in a different and special way.

A musically inclined child is easy to identify and recognize. It would be best to identify a child with his talent so that his/her eagerness and interest in music gets support as early as possible.

A musically inclined child should be motivated and supported all the way. Some kids do not have the resources and means to show their interest with music. Some kids cannot express what they have in mind. Some are hesitant and shy. Others just need motivation

Here are at least six indicators that a child has musical talent.

  • Once a child hears music, he slightly detaches from his surroundings and sings to the beat. He listens carefully to the song and makes some tapping on anything as if he is beating the drums. Some child keeps on tapping his foot or he simply does humming or clicking of the gingers or tongue. He smiles while singing or dancing.
  • He shows interest in a certain musical instrument and if given the chance to own one, he plays it constantly and he is very eager to play it over and over again without being asked. He takes care of that instrument and plays it with gusto.
  • He has his own choice of songs and genre. He is the master of his own music. He can do some revisions and does adlib.
  • A child who shows interest in music chooses to play an instrument than doing ballgames. When he is asked what to buy, he prefers a guitar or drums over a ball or bike.
  • He knows the titles of popular songs. He can name the artists and the title of the song.
  • Some kids sing to a tune when they talk. They compose their own songs. They change the beat. Children who show great interest in music treat the singing artists as their idols. They mimic their style in singing and dressing. They follow their idols in social media.

Talented kids often sing at the right tune and at the right time. They know when to stop, when to soften the tune and they sing from the bottom of their hearts.

It is important that we, parents and teachers recognize what kids are up to because not all children are outspoken and they have different demands. I strongly recommend that as early as possible, children should be asked and tested with their intelligence with regard to music. Children needs all-out support from parents and they must be given the chance to show their talent and skills. Their intelligence and talent in music depends on the support and motivation from the people around him because music is not just rhythm and beat. It needs accompaniment.

Image by nightowl from Pixabay

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