Music is a blessing. A family that is musically inclined is truly a blessing for themselves and to others. It is a celebration of life. Even nature in unison sings to God, its Maker and praises him. Music is a gift worthy to be shared, to heal, to entertain, to gladden lonely hearts, and to bring busy people to pause and listen to melodies.

Growing up in a musically inclined family would be much fulfilling. The members have individual artistry, but when they are joined together, they can create wonderful music. It is fortunate for a family to have a poet, a lyricist, a composer, a musician — all put together. An example of a musically inclined family is the Kanneh-Masons. They are composed of two brothers and five sisters who play classical music. They have become popular with their winning pieces; they appeared in televisions shows and performed in Britain’s Got Talent. Simon Cowell in BGT named them ‘The Most Talented Family in the World’.  They play cello, piano and violin. They create beautiful music together. Their parents played musical instruments also but are not into playing music professionally.  There are other families of singer-composers and some members play instruments. Some live off on music actually, and it is really good business.

Music brings families together. They sing, play instruments, make a band, first for fun, and later for business. What started as campfire singing or karaoke singing turns into voice lessons, instrument rehearsals and joining in singing competitions. The gist is having an ear for music, having the mouthpiece for singing and having hands and feet for playing instruments. Most of all, it is having an inspiration and the talent to create music and to appreciate it.

We may wonder how music was created. In II Chronicles 5:12-13, singers and musicians praised God in song; some played the trumpets, and they made one sound. The musicians played together in harmony. It was uplifting music, not noisy and discordant. It is unlike the disorderly or growl stuff in much of the music today. Angels shouted for joy in thanksgiving and praise to God. Even nature sings in unison with heaven’s music.

Music has a calming effect; it relaxes us. In the Bible, we read about David, who played the harp skillfully, invigorating King Saul with his refreshing music. Love songs were made during the time of King Solomon to celebrate the power and beauty of God’s love.  Music, therefore, is used to praise, celebrate, enjoy, even express faith, love and joy.

Is musical ability inherited? We can suggest that the family has the talent to be musical. Their gift of having absolute pitch, the ability to identify a musical note, create or recreate a tone is marvelously a gift from our Maker. Their exposure to varieties of music has an influence, and their curiosity and interest help them to explore, try and eventually embrace musicality. Their family is blessed with the ability to play music that enriches them abundantly.

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova from Pexels

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