Lily Langston’s husband, Samuel, is struck by a car and killed late one night while crossing the street to his home. The driver, Aaron Turner, a fifteen-year-old, has only a learner’s permit and should not have been driving alone, especially at night.

Lily and her family are Christians who believe in forgiveness. The family convinces the court to give Aaron probation and community service. Fifteen-year-old Rose, however, cannot forgive and is angry because Aaron doesn’t go to jail or pay for killing her dad.

Lily and her girls are talented musicians. They perform often at church and community functions. While dealing with the tragedy of Samuel’s death, it is discovered that Aaron also sings and plays guitar. Together they discover the joy of forgiveness, and through the power of music, their hearts are healed. This is the story of their journey.


The week was like something she had seen in a movie. She felt she was watching from the sideline as it unfolded. She went through the motions, but her mind could not comprehend it. She was like a sleepwalker. ……Her children were finally asleep. Somehow, she knew that they would get through the nightmare. Somehow, sometime.
Aaron was given probation and it was to clean the hospital. Once a week he could sing for the patients on one of the floors after he finished his work. He became very close to a young patient named Grace, who had cancer. One day when Aaron came into the hospital to be with Grace and to sing for the patients, he dropped in to see Grace and was told by her that she was going to be with the angels that day. It was devastating. He sang for her funeral and he became lifelong friends with Grace’s family.
After Aaron killed Rose’s father, she would not have anything to do with him. She would sing with him but stayed as far away from him as she could. One day Aaron was badly hurt and Rose could no longer deny that she really did love him, and from then on, they were close.

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