Mothers have always been playing a great role in a family. They are the ones who start the family as they carry the life of a child since the very start. They nurture their children with all the love and care they could give.

She is strong and graceful, as well as cheerful about the future.  Her words are sensible, and her advice is thoughtful.  She takes good care of her family and is never lazy.” (Proverbs 31:25 CEV)

This Biblical passage somehow describes what a mother is to her family. How they think and do things that are beneficial to their family. They will do anything just to show how much they would do to take part of their role.

On the other hand, a son could somehow, not totally, give back to what his mother has done for him. All the sacrifices, pains, happiness and steps that reflect his mother’s love for him. A son giving respect and love to his mother could mean more than anything else. Giving back of the care that has been given to him by his mother since the day he was born is incomparable. This care can be done even in simple ways. Checking up on her needs,  her condition, and her feelings about anything can make her see that her child cares for the state of her emotions.

Also, if a son shows respect to his mother, this will give a satisfaction to his mother reflecting that the mother has brought up her child rightly and with full of respect even to those people surrounding him. In a way, his mother can have the confidence that her child will be able to blend with other people because “respect” is something that is hard to earn but if given, it would be great for someone who receives it.

Sacrifice — this is one of the greatest things that a mother could give for her son. And as for the son, he could do the same by doing sacrifices just to give happiness and contentment for his mother. Sacrifices that cannot be done by other people outside the family. Sacrifices that would show upto what extent a son can do for the woman who has raised, nurtured and care for him. Above all, without “love”, all the things mentioned above would be impossible. The love that the son have for his mother would mean everything not just for his mother, but also for the family. It is the only root that can drive him to show all the respect, care and sacrifices towards the woman who gave birth to him. There is really no specific thing that can measure how a son should love his mother, but the mere fact that a son would do anything just to portray how much love, and what his mother has done for him, will surely give the assurance that the relationship between them produces a satisfaction and harmony. It will always be an amazing picture if a son would do or think of something just to show what love is for his mother.

Image by Astrid Pereira from Pixabay

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